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The Diggers Den Detector Sales has all you favorite metal detector brands and accessories.

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Field Of Dreams Seeded Hunt

Sept 30th!! Diggers Den is having a seeded hunt with tons of treasure we have looted. Will be loads more to come!! Visit historic Appomattox and Lynchburg while you stay!! More details here.

Discover more here!!

Learn more here!!

NEW!! Equinox 700/900

NEW!! Minelabs new upgraded Equinox versions!! Collapsible carbon fiber shaft, upgraded IP68 control box, sturdier coil tabs, more sensitivity settings, 100 segment VDI, rigid and adjustable arm rest and alot more!!


Dig This Deal!!

Equinox 800 DD SPecial!!!

FREE Excalibur Sir Kay Shovel OR Detect-Ed Carbon Fiber Upper and Lower Shaft!!

Check out the furnaces!!

NEW!! Toauto electric smelting furnaces for all that gold and silver you've found over the years! For the die hard stacker or introductory in the smelting hobby. Toauto furnaces make it easy and affordable. 

Grab one or many here!!

Silvertowne 1oz .999 round

Todays the day!!

Finally, a silver round made just for our hobby by Silvertowne. An awesome collectible or great giveaways for events and gatherings!! 

Shipping is always fast and FREE!

At The Diggers Den its always our goal to keep our customers happy and to get your purchase out that day.  All orders over $50 always ship free!! 

Preserve here

Composite Cleaning Pencil

Every thing you need to clean, restore and preserve those awesome coins and relics! Designed in England from composites to clean ancient coins and relics. 

The new XP deus x35 coils

Designed around brand new electronic advances, these new high performance and versatile coils will allow you to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7kHz to 27.7kHz.

*TX power adjustment is available on all frequencies and offsets

*Normal or Boost option – The transmitted power has 2 selectable levels when using *frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz.

*The BOOST mode significantly increases the transmission power of the transmitting coil, allowing greater detection levels if the soil conditions allow.

*The overall battery life of the x35 coil has improved on most frequencies by +10% to +40%

Check out XP's HF coils HERE

See the new X35 Deus coils here.

Go deeper for longer!

The new Nemo from BLU3

Take your treasure hunt to new depths with this ultra portable tankless dive system. Nemo is a compact dive system that supports 1 diver to 10 feet with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts over an hour. Air is drawn from the surface above the water and pumped through the air hose to deliver clean breathing air to a diver up to 10 feet deep. 

We support veterans!!

At The Diggers Den we support all our veterans and active military, police and first responders! We thank you for what you have

given to make our country safer. Please give us a call for more details on how we can say thanks.



 *Minelab Detectors get a 15 percent discount off for active military and veterans with proof of a military ID. Give us a call or email for more information. 

**Excludes G0-Find Series and  Minelab accessories

**One machine per customer per year

Let the Diggers Den show you thanks for your service!

Brute Magnetics

DD is glad to have Brute Magnetics onboard to  give our customers the best magnet fishing supplies in the hobby. Brutes standard for quality is what made us want to provide their kits for our customers. Start fishing HERE.


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Make Some Memories

Metal detecting is a great hobby to get the family out, enjoy time together and create memories. The Diggers Den has the right tools for everyone in the family.

Meet The Team

Brian Harvey

Brian's pure love of relic hunting and exploring lead to the creation of The Diggers Den in 2015. Brian hunts a lot of Civil War in the relic rich state of Va. His main focus with The Diggers Den is to give customers the best service possible and to give them the best tools to make them more successful so they will continue to enjoy the hobby. He chose the DD team around these ideals so you will get amazing help from the whole DD team.

Gypsy Jewels

Gypsy is the newest addition to the DD Team. Gypsy has been detecting for around 20 years. She also was a dealer for years. She co-hosts All metal Mode  at  Spreaker on Monday nights. She wanted to share the hobby and decided to create her YouTube page Zero Discrimination which has been growing quickly. Garrett noticed this and her true love for the hobby and added her to the Garrett Field team. We are proud to have her representing The Diggers Den as she travels all over the world.     

XP Sonya

Words cant express how grateful we are to have Sonya on the team.  Sonya spends her time hunting the old fields of Indiana and all over the country for long lost relics.  Sonya has been a huge part of the social media world where shes always helping others and giving everyone support.  She recently became a part of the XP Team USA so she now gets to travel all over helping XP and just engulfing herself deeper into the hobby.  Her love for the hobby, knowledge and dedication to encouraging others made her a shoe in for the team. 

Stef Tanguay

To say that Stef lives to metal detect is an understatement. With an insatiable thirst to uncover long lost 17th, 18th, and 19th century relics, she takes to the woods, fields, and standing homesteads at every opportunity. As a rule of thumb, her favorite relics to dig are those that would’ve been sorely missed and searched for by their owner hundreds of years ago. She spends a significant amount of time researching her finds and openly shares her knowledge with the detecting community on her YouTube channel, Stef Digs, as well as Facebook and Instragram. Stef is also a Minelab Detexpert with a great knowledge on Minelab machines along with many other manufacturers. Stef  is a welcome addition to the Diggers Den team. 

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