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GPX 4500 (Rental)
Minelab GPX 4500 Rental at The Diggers Den

Regular Price: $50.00

Price with Selected Options: $50.00

Product Code: ML-GPX-45-RENT

1 day $50:
2 days $100 [Add $50.00]
3 days $140 [Add $90.00]

GPX Rental is $50 per day. If you plan on using it more than 3 days there will be a price break depending on the period of time needed. It comes with the 11" mono or 11" DD coil and everything else you need to get the job done. Gray Ghost headphones are included. Renter must sign a rental agreement for the amount of days to be used. Any damages or a lost item will be charged to the renter.

Local pick up is fine but if the renter wants to have it shipped the costs will be charged to the renter. Please call or email for a shipping quote.


Not only is the GPX the top in it's class for gold, but those mineralised grounds that hold those long lost relics don't stand a chance with the 4500. Where other VLF machines tend to fall short in depth the GPX holds it's depth with pulse inductive technology.

Return of the Legendary Gold Detector!

The versatile GPX-4500 is a proven gold finder with many features and great performance. Incorporating Minelab’s superior Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technologies it penetrates mineralised ground better and deeper than basic PI detectors.


  • MPS, DVT & SETA technologies for superior gold detecting performance.
  • 2 coils supplied: 11-inch Double-D for general use AND 11" Monoloop for deeper detecting
  • Versatile Timing settings for various ground conditions. The Enhance timing is a powerful feature, similar to the Sensitive Smooth timing, but provides an improvement in the depth and signal response on small and large targets alike. The Sharp timing is more suited to quieter soils and can also help to pinpoint faint targets.
  • Six pre-programmed search modes for easy switch-on-and-go detecting. All six search modes can be modified with your favorite settings and renamed.
  • Stabilizer control for the smoothest threshold. In noisy conditions, turning it down will provide you with a smoother threshold. In quiet conditions, increase the stabilizer and faint target signals will be more obvious.
  • Ground Balance OFF for neutral soils. This is a useful feature for very benign low mineralised or salt saturated soils. This setting will also work well for treasure or relic hunters in loam or sandy soils.
  • Backlight with adjustable time-out to preserve battery life.
  • Target Volume allows you to increase the strength of softer target signals. This is useful in windy conditions, for people suffering from hearing loss, and to adjust the audio volume when using external speakers. This can also provide an audio boost in mild soils, and can be used to smooth out ground noise signals in highly mineralised soils.
  • The Iron Reject function allows you to set the desired level of discrimination, from cautious to aggressive. This enables detecting in areas with high levels of ferrous junk.
  • Built-in amplifier so you can hear soft target signals from deeper nuggets, more easily. The Li-lon battery pack includes a built-in audio amplifier, allowing you to use an external speaker without the need for any external booster.

**Be sure to call 434-665-9753 or email us at dddetectors@yahoo.com for some awesome package deals on the 4500!!


  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 5.3 lbs (2.4 kgs)
  • Frequency : Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
  • Audio : Built-in External Speaker and Headphone Jack
  • Sensitivity Control : Rx Gain 1 to 15. Adjust Detector to Changing Ground Conditions
  • Discrimination Control : Iron Reject Range 1 to 10 & All Metal. Eliminate or Tune Out "Junk" and Unwanted Targets
  • SETA (Smart Electronic Timing Alignment) : Provides Less Interference, Quieter Operation and a More Stable Threshold
Factory Included Accessories:
  • Power Cable
  • Auto Charger
  • 11" DD Search Coil
  • UR-30 Headphones
  • Wall Charger with US and 3 International Plugs
  • Armrest Strap (Sov GT / Eureka / SD / GP / GPX)
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with Built-in Amplifier

Factory Included Accessories
  • Power Cable
  • Auto Charger
  • 11" DD Search Coil
  • UR-30 Headphones
  • Wall Charger with US and 3 International Plugs
  • Armrest Strap (Sov GT / Eureka / SD / GP / GPX)
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with Built-in Amplifier

Warranty: Yes
Detector Type Gold:
Search Coil Type: Double D
Search Coil Size (in): 11"
Search Coil Shape:Round
Search Coil Build: Solid
Waterproof Search Coil: Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil: Yes
Technology: Multiple Pulse Induction
Arm Rest: Adjustable
Arm Rest Strap:Yes
Adjustable Shaft: Yes:
Assembled Length Max (in): 51
Assembled Length Min (in): 43
Audio Tones: Yes
Depth Indication: No
Control Box Mount: Standard
Frequencies: Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
Number of Frequencies: 1
Programmable Target Id: No
Target Id Segments: No
Target Id: No
Threshold: Adjustable
Discrimination: Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode: No
Ground Balance: Fixed
Search Modes: 6
Search Mode Types: Custom, Custom Hi-Mineral, Custom Hi-Trash, Custom Patch, Deep Mode (DEP), General Mode (GEN)
Display Type: LCD
Backlit Display: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Headphone Jack: 1/4"
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Battery Quantity: 1
Battery Life (hr): 10 to 15 Hours
Rechargeable System: Yes
Exclusive Features: Smart Electronic
Timing Alignment: (SETA) Technology,Multi-Period Sensing (MPS),Bi-Level Pulse Induction,Iron Mask Discrimination

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